How To Prevent Falling is a site that will give simple tips as to how to feel safe and stable in our lives.

For any number of reasons, there are times when we feel as if our balance is not the way it was a day ago. The most important reaction we can have is to stay calm and rejoice because nothing stays the same. Imagine a world in which we knew what would happen next all the time.

Whatever the reason that we feel we are falling, rather than dwelling on why it’s happening, it’s important to know what actions to take. They are simple actions that only require remembering to do them.

1)   Sit down, if you are near enough to do it.

2)   Get to a place that will support you. This can be next to a tree, a  wall, table. Certainly, it can be another person whom you can hold with an immediate mention of the fact that you are preventing yourself from falling.

3)   The third and focus of this site is to take physical actions that will strengthen the body in specific ways as to prevent falling.

While we are building this website, please go to to ask for a free report about falling prevention. Just click the link.

Until we place our information directly on this site, please send us a note. And, always, enjoy newness every single day of this beautiful life!

For Your Health And Safety

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